Monday, March 06, 2017

Double Breasted Splendor

I hope someday to know the bliss, providing my grades are good enough.


Hugh Walter said...

Hold on a sec! She's looking down his cleavage, the sexist minx!


Anonymous said...

"Double Breasted Splendor"

Living proof the laughter of sly ad writers shall echo down through the millenia.

There's a bar in the afterlife where the clever writers go. Right now an Egyptian scribe (who drew the Pharaoh's royal falcon title with a chicken) is buying this man a beer.

Seventiesfan said...

The "Smart Velvet Collar" must have replaced last year's "Dumb Velvet Collar".

Oh, the innocence of the 1970's. In today's world, the words "Double Breasted Splendor" are absolutely certain to be misinterpreted.


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