Monday, February 27, 2017

Dig Flares!

Everyday a college student falls prey to a Neckerchief cult.


Anonymous said...

The neckerchiefs still have a certain charm, mostly because they're favored by ageing multi-millionaire sugar-daddies. Nothing hides over sixty years worth of turkey-neck wattles like a neckerchief. Looks great with a yachting cap for that nautical "king of the marina" look that says "I'm loaded and desperate".

Even the flares aren't so bad in a retro-hipster kind of way. A man wearing them regularly gets to be "that guy with the flares" on the coffee-house singles circuit. The "flare guy" can afford to look tacky and smart career girls pick up on that.

But the shirt and tie with the same pattern/ color... Some parts of the seventies are best forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Now I see where the cool guys with Scooby Doo bought their clothes! LOL. :)


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