Thursday, February 25, 2016

GI Joe Adventure Team Colorforms Set

I'm moving and forced to pack up my toys, every collector's nightmare! I'm making the best of it and photographing everything before I box it up.

 It's a lot of fun to get reaquainted with some of this stuff, especially this super cool colorforms set of the Super Adventure Team. More after the jump!

While a lot of Joe collectors aren't fans of this era, I was five when this came out, Bulletman, Atomic Man and Eagle Eye Joe rocked my world! 

The glorious backdrop.

Ah, Squids and Alligators, they just make things better.

I will admit that GI Joe has looked better.


Jón Páll said...

Beautiful set!

I was always facinated by the Intruder.
His short stature and metal bathing suit made his alieness all the more... uh... alien. said...

The Intruder action figure and my Mego Incredible Hulk had many an epic battle in my bedroom growing up.

JFStan said...

For some reason, in this box art image, Mike Power's bionic leg looks seriously low-tech.

Seventiesfan said...

Last year I bought this really nice GI Joe Colorforms set, along with a few others, including Shogun Warriors, for a good price on Ebay.

Ghetto Gepetto said...

How the hell you gonna have a fake leg and a real foot??? Same with the arm/hand. LOL


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