Thursday, July 23, 2015

Carded Space Sword

Not long after I finally reunited with my childhood fave, a kind soul passed along an ebay auction for this carded version of Space Sword. Something I probably haven't seen or thought about since I was about seven years old.

While I seem to also recall these being sold in bulk "dump bins" as a kid, I couldn't resist the image of beautiful copyright infringing "droid".


You can just hear him say "Suck it Lucas". The quest is totally over, thanks interwebs!


Anonymous said...

Who made this? I can't read the info. on the card.

Grebo Guru said...

Holy kee-ripes!! I had one of these and had 100% TOTALLY forgotten about it! My too-kind parents were obviously trying to fill that insatiable Star Wars-hole (which wasn't helped by living in Southern Ontario, Canada -- all the cool Star Wars merch took extra time to make it's way up North of the 49th!).
Thanks for the incredible memory-jolt!!


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