Monday, March 10, 2014

The Horrors of Mesh

The brief fad of dad's wearing this monstrosity around the house has kept the therapy business alive since 1977.


Anonymous said...

Monstrosity? Truly a question of perspective. Perhaps when worn by 70's dads it was. You'd feel differently if you'd been dating a goth girl in the 80s and she met you at the front door wearing her latest thrift store discovery. Mine found a black shirt like this at the local Goodwill, probably donated by the traumatized children of the gent in the photo.

One interesting thing we discovered was that silky mesh gives a kind of gentle massage and kept her very perky "up front", so to speak. She caused quite a sensation the next time we went clubbing. Nobody thought that shirt was a monstrosity on her. Absolutely nobody.

DJ Swank Cat said...

I still wear this - except mine's the long sleeve version. Perhaps I'll wear it to MegoMeet this year.


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