Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Click for a larger view.

Cryotron is a spacey action figure case offered by Sears Canada in their epic 1980 catalog. I'm not sure who made it and I never had one but I remember it mostly because I stared at the page it was on for a LONG time as a kid.

It's one of those oddball items snuck onto catalog pages that is meant to catch the heat of Star Wars without ever passing Lucas's desk, I love stuff like it.

I was surprised to find out it's fairly hard to get but doesn't command a terribly high price either, funny how that works sometimes.

After literally 30 years of toy shows, I saw my first one this past December with a child's name scrawled across it in magic marker. I'm surprised I didn't go home with it.


Anonymous said...

So, how does one take these very large oral contraceptives? And why would a boy need them?

Anonymous said...

↑ Exactly what I thought.

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked like a BCpill package too!

Anonymous said...

i'm never gettin' preggo now, ma!


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