Friday, February 28, 2014

Podstallions 14: Filmation Part One

We've probably mentioned Filmation in every one of our shows (it's our anniversary BTW, what did you get us?) so it's no surprise that Jason and myself are huge fans of the legendary animation company.

Episode one explore our earliest memories of Filmation and tries to relay the Saturday morning experience, look for a longer episode 2 in the coming months.

For now we touch upon the DC comics Superheroes, Archie, the Groovy Goolies, Fat Albert, Shazam!, bubble gum rock, dog toys and my obsession with Winnebagos.  

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    Erin said...

    Enjoying today's podcast. The Groovie Goolie 'live action' movie was actually one of the 'Saturday Superstar Movies'. Also included with those was the pilot for the 'Brady Kids' cartoon, which was Filmation, too, I believe.

    Erin said...

    That's what I get for posting in the middle of the podcast. You just mentioned the Bradys. *G* They had a dog, Moptop, Ping & Pong (the pandas) and Marlin, a magic talking bird. The theme song is out on You Tube.

    Desdinova said...

    I have a CD with the theme to Mission Magic and a few of the other songs from the show. They turned up on some budget CDs from foreign countries in the 80s. You can download those songs on Amazon.

    I recently bought a DVD of Ark II. I didn't watch the show very much when it aired, but I realize what a great show it was. Too bad the clips of it get trashed on You Tube.

    One show that I loved as a kid, although you guys might called it an "imp" show, was The Secret Life of Waldo Kitty. What is interesting about that show is the characters in his fantasies, with the exception of Robin Hood, were characters that Filmation eventually made a cartoon of (Batman, Tarzan, Star Trek, Lone Ranger). However, they didn't get the okay from James Thurber's estate.

    Anonymous said...

    Off topic, but Mattel just paid $460M for toy maker Mega Brands in friendly takeover. The story is on CTV news. Might interest someone.


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