Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super 7 Merchandise Part 2

tarzan and the super 7
My obsession with Filmation's short lived (and sadly "damned to never be on DVD") series "Tarzan and the Super 7" continues with the only known merchandise, all of it lower cost rack toys. Above we have Bubb-a-loons featuring Web Woman (a boyhood crush), Manta and Moray and The Freedom Force (one of the cooler superhero teams of the 1970s).

What...I...wouldn't....give for this stuff, it's kind of crazy but seeing as it's the only merch out there, I am totally determined to find it.
tarzan and the super 7

Here we have Manta and Moray bubble animals, it's not a surprise these two got more merch than say "Super Stretch and Micro Woman", they're really toyetic.

tarzan and the super 7

Sigh, I don't collect bubble stuff but put a graphic of Web Woman on there and it's now a must have item for me. Off to Ebay!

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