Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steve Austin Goes Toy Shopping

Seeing as it's Christmas time I thought it would be fun to bring up this vintage bit of strangeness. These captures from the fourth season of the Six Million Dollar Man, the episode is "The Bionic Christmas Carol".  You see in 1974 Gerald Ford passed into law the "Dickens Act" which meant every TV show, no matter how ridiculous or nonsensical had to do their own adapatations of "A Christmas Carol". Fred Sanford was a good American, as was Doctor Johnny Fever and of course, Col. Steve Austin.

I won't bother with the specifics but in one key scene Steve follows Bob Crandall (oh brother) to a toy shop and of course, Steve wants to bring presents for the family. There is a lot of fun eye candy in the scene, you can see a nice GI Joe Adventure team set there and the Ideal Jaws game is prominently featured. However what can we see when Steve dramatically checks in on poor Bob with his bionic vision?

The horrible fourth wall breaking money shot! I ask you Plaidstallions readers, what is cheesier here, the shameless obvious Kenner toy plug or that fricking horrible, almost series wrecking porn moustache that Steve is rocking?


plasticfetish said...

I just remembered how badly I want that Jaws game... and I'm rocking the same mustache, so I have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

Sam G said...

Wow. Lee Majors is giving John Waters a run for his money with that 'stache.

Wings1295 said...

Amazing stuff. Love the show, love the stache, had the Six-Million Dollar Man toy & the JAWS game. Lost both, but the Mrs. regifted me a new Bionic Man a few years ago. Lucky man, I am. Happy Swingin' Holidays!

Dancin' Homer said...

If this is the ep I'm remembering, I think Steve dresses as Santa and bionically leaps up to the chimney to bring presents to Adam Rich.

Oh, and that Jaws game was so awesome, I used it for years to attack my Mego figures with.

Anonymous said...

FYI: I saw the IDEAL Jaws game at a Craker Barrel last week. It is the same game but it is not called Jaws anymore. (I bought one.)

I would kill for reproduction Bionic Man figures under a different name.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Steve's thinking "Oh crap, my cover's blown!"

Anonymous said...

this must have been filmed in november


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