Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GI Joe's cheaper wheels

During the 60s and 70s, Irwin Toy made some lower cost blow molded vehicles for lines like G.I. Joe and Action Jackson that were a lot of fun and quite collectible these days.

The cool thing about these is Irwin actually went and licensed the GI Joe name for some of these, they were branded official and that's well....kind of classy.


Neal P said...

Although there was separate G.I. Joe and Action Jackson packaging for the Amphicat, it was the same vehicle in the box. I think they tried to split the difference because it was a bit too small for the G.I. Joe and way too big for Action Jackson. My Action Jackson was always sliding off the seat into the empty, blow-molded body. I would scrape my hands on the unfinished edges trying to fish out my hapless Action Jackson. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Do they make reproductions of the choppers or the ATV.

Anonymous said...

Could I get ahold of both vehicles please


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