Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Superheroic School Supplies

One of my sideline obsessions (because I need more) are these mid seventies to early eighties superhero school supplies by Alco. I proudly had the Batman from this set on my desk as a kid and I remember our local stationary store (remember those?) had a display of these in the window.

This Shazam is the sole carded entry into the series, I remember seeing it as a kid wondering why he was holding a lighting bolt like that.

This Wonder Woman is a later run by Alco,  Wonder Woman is usually the first one you find of most vintage toy lines.

Stumbled on these at a local toy show of all places. As you can see my collection isn't huge, it probably wasn't wise to turn on others to this, see you on ebay!

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rob! said...

Shazam! again, eh?


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