Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colouring Book Theatre: Star Trek Rescue at Raylo

It's been two months since we've had a colouring book to review but this week a kind soul dropped a real doozy into my lap.

Star Trek Rescue at Raylo" is easily one of the dumbest experiences I've had a long while.

Despite the Motion Picture cover, the contents are nothing but reprinted materials from the mid seventies boom of original series merchandise.

Merrigold press wasn't the only company to pull this sort of "bait and switch" Peter Pan re released their book and record sets with TMP covers as well.

Getting back to the book, either they left some pages out during reprint or it was simply put out by adults who didn't give care about anything at all.

Ah "Le Shat" in his late 60s glory

There are a lot of easy jokes to be had what with Mr. Spock, the device and the fact that he's entering a cave. I've put all the ingredients out, you make your own.

Tiny spaceships zoom out of the cave and head for Captain Kirk, who is busy with his space corn.

Poof! Poof!
Kirk is knocked out and Spock summons Dr. McCoy, who is drawn to look upset through out the entire thing.

Kirk feigns amnesia, then begins reciting random numbers and then procedes to walk like Glenn Strange's Frankenstein to a cave.

Kirk and crew find frozen space explorers, frozen by Dr. Rychlo. Oh and that someone's coming? It's never addressed again.

The happy people help revive Dr. McCoy, why does Doctor McCoy need reviving? WHO KNOWS? Apparantly though in between pages 21 and 22, he was knocked out by something.

The rest of the book is simple little puzzles and jumbles we've all spent enough time with. Obviously that stuff was way more important than anything resembling a coherant story line. Then again this book retailed for $0.59, how much care and energy does one expect for that?

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John III said...

Hey, as long as I could have colored in the space corn, I would have been ecstatic! Okay...maybe not.


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