Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movie Review: Black Dynamite

I'm not really big on doing movie reviews but I really can't not spread the word about this insanely fun movie.

Like a lot of 70s kids, I had a steady dose of so called "Blaxploitation" movies thanks to late night TV, everything from "Shaft" to "Gordy's War" and as a result these anti-heroes became my heroes.

I was a bit cautious when I first heard of this movie mostly because I wondered if it would tread the same ground as "I'm gonna git you sucka" and I've only ever seen lead actor Michael Jai White in stuff like "Spawn", which really wasn't an "actor's movie".

Well, I am pleased to say all reservations were thrown out of the window in the first five minutes. Black Dynamite is as much a parody of Blaxploitation as it is 70s film making, the movie looks and feels so distinct that you could honestly fool people. Boom mikes appear just like they did in "Dolemite", the director has done his homework.

The plot is one we've seen before, Black Dynamite who "drives a $5000 car and wears a $100 suit" is a Kung Fu badass Vietnam vet (where he killed "Chinese People") and superb ladies man, comes back to exact revenge on the drug dealers who killed his baby brother.

Dynamite recruits all the usual characters to help him, the black panthers, drug dealers and of course, pimps in his mission to clean up the streets.

The film's deadpan nature, rapid fire humour and inspired 70s recreation are so good, it reminded me of films like "Airplane!" " Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" and "Kentucky Fried Movie".

Michael Jai White is believable in both his role as a martial arts tough guy and as a comedic leading man, he's absolutely great at delivering some of the goofiest (and quotable) dialogue without so much as a smirk or nod to the audience.

Before the movie's schtick gets stale, the film makers amp up the "ridiculous factor" involving Kung Fu fortresses, secret formulas and well, let's just say Richard Nixon has never looked cooler.

"Black Dynamite" is the most fun and creative spoof I've seen in years, it beats the lazy cheese fests like "Epic Movie" and "Meet the Spartans" with it's superior humour the same way Dynamite uses his nun chucks on the drug dealers in the film.

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JFStan said...

YYEESSSSS!!!! Thank for you for giving this movie a good review! It is one of THE best parodies of all time, right up there with Larry Blamire's Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! (look it up, yo)

A real parody should stick to a single genre or idea (not like these "[insert movie genre] Movie" movies, which are just slapstick micro-sketch-comedy disasters) AND it should fool you into believing you're watching the "real thing".. There are several scenes in Black Dynamite that are so perfect you'll believe it's 1972 all over again.

Awesome quote from BD:

O'Leary: We heard about your brother's death and we don't want you running around turning the streets into rivers of blood.

Black Dynamite: Then tell me who did it and I'll just leave a puddle.

Plaidstallions said...

Agh! I forgot all about "Lost Skeleton" you are totally right about that. I have to edit that.

JFStan said...

I got the chance to meet and talk with Larry Blamire (and his gorgeous wife Jennifer Blaire) at Wonderfest last year, and got to watch the sequel, "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again!", which was excellent (with even more over-the-top dialogue). It comes out on DVD in May.

wee67 said...

I had the same aprehensions when I saw the trailer for this movie- camp can be so hard to do intentionally. AND this had been done before.
Fortunately, I also had the same joy watching this in the theater. Its just plain hilarious!

Arkonbey said...

That's been on my list since I saw the trailer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black Dynamite!
Best movie since Italian Spiderman!
I thought I was the only one in love with this film.


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