Thursday, July 27, 2006

Space Shield and Space Sword

the infamous space sword space shield combo
Does anyone remember these? I had both of them, they were Star Wars knock offs that somehow transcended their source material.

I'm not sure if these were sold stateside but I imagine they were. The sword (lightsabre) itself was ok but that shield just set it out of the stratosphere. It acted as a sheath and had all kinds of cool doo dads on the inside.

If anyone has any info on these puppies, drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

I remember getting just the sword for christmas 79 was perfect for smacking my sister when she got into my Star Wars figures

ajax said...

I had this, too. It came from a Ben Franklin dime store. I remember the header card art had a robot on it that looked like one of Ming's troops from the Filmation Flash Gordon series. It was the coolest toy sword out of several I went through--it even glowed in the dark!

Unkle John said...

I had this as well and it came from a Ben Franklin store as well! I didn't know it came with a shield. I look for these on eBay from time to time. I did find it, but didn't have extra money at the time. Maybe one day.

benestro138 said...

I had just the sword also, I used it to duel my grandmother.


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