Monday, September 02, 2019

Toy-Ventures: Matchbox MAC (Mobile Action Command)

This week we look at a toy line that seems to always get forgotten, Seriously I get so many emails about Matchbox's Mobile Action Command (MAC) and it's wonderful array of fun toys, we even look at the knock offs it inspired.

Check out this Wonder MAC site:

Link to the MAC Commercial:

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DBenson said...

I'm of a somewhat older demographic. I remember Matchbox as exclusively little metal cars, realistic and highly detailed. Also a bit conservative -- Corgi, besides being British, had all the TV and movie vehicles, most famously the tiny James Bond Aston Martin that did more stuff than bigger toy cars. In the days of actual toy stores, Corgis would be displayed in glass cases like jewelry.

The Matchbox cars did have accessories -- carrying cases for the collector, some of which opened into approximations of towns with roads. But even those seemed unexciting by design. Matchbox kids were not frivolous about their vehicles.

I was aging out when Hot Wheels appeared, but I don't think I would have cared for them when younger. They seemed insubstantial compared to Matchbox and Corgi, rolling through orange plastic loops was not realistic. They were, in my view, intended for kids not mature enough to operate a slot track.

Sean said...

Great video. I must have been just too young for these. Don't even remember them from the wishbooks. They look great though. The figures might be a bit short next to my FP Adventure People, GI Joe, etc. But those vehicles are fantastic. Seriosly considering a bid on your Ebay find. Or maybe i will go the "wild" route like you.


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