Monday, August 27, 2018

Frolic in the Park

Oh sure, these guys can stroll around with impunity but I drop my kids off in a dirty bathrobe that one time and I'm not allowed at bake sales anymore.

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Unknown said...

What is the pattern on the guy on the right? Is it lots of tadpoles?...sperm?? OK so a walk in the park covered in....??- Mark J

Anonymous said...

Very likely, Unknown didn't click for the high-res image our host generously provided.

The design is made of smoking pipes in profile, specifically the type known as "half-bent".

What's far more interesting is the choice of model. Outside of pro body-builders (which this gent clearly is not), very few men shaved their legs, chest and armpits.

It's a German-language page which raises all sorts of fascinating questions about the extent of our host's catalog collection.

Unknown said...

Someone sent me this photo...can anyone identify the model on the left? Perhaps he was well known in Europe back in the day.


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