Wednesday, November 15, 2017

LSD bedding

Pretty positive this was my motel room when I got a flat tire on the New Jersey turnpike in 1996.


Anonymous said...

Looks like flowing urine & feces.

Blue one might not be that bad though.

Anonymous said...

First Anon doesn't understand the glory of earth tones and the way Harvest Gold ties the entire room together. For those who do, here's a more in-depth treatment of the subject.

Two elderly women I know who were motel maids in the 70s both told me independently that tan/ yellow colors were chosen specifically because they hid nicotine (and other) stains more readily than whites.

Anonymous said...

There's Earth tones.

And then there's a river of urine & feces flowing across your bed.

Anonymous said...

That particular visual sounds like a deep-seated trauma for you, First Anon. The way you keep fixating on a soiled bed is instructive. By contrast, no mention is ever made of the curtains which share the same pattern and coloration.

Without speculating on the specifics, it's long recognized that stressful events in early childhood establish a developmental trajectory for nocturnal incontence in adults. Absent the discovery of a physical cause, perhaps your issues could be resolved over time in a theraputic setting.

In the meantime, rest assured. These are earth-tones. Perhaps not the most complimentary combination, but entirely removed from any personal issues projected onto them.


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