Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Star Wars in Japan

I recently found a 1978 copy of Starlog magazine from Japan, I find it adorable how little Star Wars merchandise there is but this is very, very early in the game.

Of particular note is the infamous "Archive Minatures" which I've never actually seen before. These little figures (called "dolls" in the ad) were cranked out super quick but Lucas very quickly unleashed "Darth CeaseandDesist".

Yup, for a very short time if you like Star Wars and figures this was the only game in town. They're kind of charming to be honest...


C. Elam said...

As amazing as it seems in retrospect, STAR WARS didn't open in Japan until June 1978. I suspect that's why they have so little merchandise.

Interestingly, both Toho's THE WAR IN SPACE and Toei's MESSAGE FROM SPACE beat STAR WARS into Japanese theaters. Toho's Tomoyuki Tanaka (he of Godzilla fame) spoke about making a trip to Hawaii with some of his crew to see the film to understand what they were ripping, "homaging." And then they still remade ATRAGON mixed with BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE!

Anonymous said...

Man! I REALLY like these dolls! They look like 3 inch high [plastic army men]. I wish that Lucasfilm would sell these, so that we could by them.
Who is the doll to 3CPO's right side/our left?
I can't tell if he is Luke, or Han Solo, or someone else. Fun toys!


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