Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Save on the Millennium Falcon at Zayre!

$6.99? That's some deep savings, I'm in!


SwankCat said... least 8 per store. Thanks not much inventory - although they probably didn't have the stock room - those boxes were pretty huge.

Unknown said...

I had almost all of the Star Wars gear scene on this page except for the Die Cast Stuff. Never liked it, it always seemed sub-par for playing or fake. I believe Zayers was where 90% of my toys came from in Attleboro MA

Alphacentaurian said...

Four! Four!

I'll take four!

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons for the low inventory was the price. In 2016 dollars, this was a $73.00 item... during the tail-end of the 70s recession, no less.

Not too many families were going to drop this kind of cash on a giant plastic doll-house for Billy.

Nells said...

Darth Vader case!!! I still have mine!


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