Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Book Project: Mall of Justice

It seems fitting that on the site's tenth birthday to announce my second book. After the wonderful experience and success of Rack Toys, I am ready to start on Mall of Justice : Recollections of Meeting our Heroes.

Mall of Justice is a love letter to the sensational personal appearances of our comic book, TV, movie and toy icons during the 1970s and 80s.

Whether it's Adam West at a car show, He-Man at a Toys R Us opening or an ersatz Chewbacca at a stereo store, Mall of Justice melds vintage photos with childhood recollection of these epic meetings.

While I will design and eventually publish the book (via PlaidStallions Press), it's a project we can all get involved with!

How you can get involved: I'm looking for your photos and your recollections! Even if you've submitted them to the site before, I would likely need higher resolution and I'd want to talk to you.

What am i looking for: Appearances of costumed characters during the 1970s and 80s, be they from comic books (Batman, the Hulk) , cartoons (, toy lines (Masters of the Universe, GI Joe)  or movies (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars) , a date and place and a description of how you felt meeting these iconic characters. Did you think they were real? 

Does it have to specifically be in a mall: 
HECK NO! Car shows, county fairs, grocery stores, heck I'd even accept birthday party shots. It's all fair game.

Download the PDF Concept booklet for Mall of Justice Here.

Download a PDF Here.

Check out a Little Flip Book Here.

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you'll share your experiences with me!


Unknown said...

This may be a stupid question, but does it specifically need to be a hero? Not sure if there will be section on the odd costumed characters that the 70's used any chance they can get. I have a 1978 photo of me at Disney World with some odd Orange Julius bird mascot. The funny thing is I never remember seeing any Disney characters that day, just him!

kngfu said...

leftylimbo said...

I remember being totally star-struck when I saw Darth Vader appear at the local Sears by my house (L.A.). As an 7 or 8-yr.-old kid tops, I was in this weird limbo of kinda figuring that he wasn't real, but also walllowing in the possibilities that he was real and was planning to conquer Earth. In a way I was hoping that the latter was the case. Either way, he was a towering figure and my heart raced unlike any other moment I can recall. I think my parents took a couple of pictures—I'll try to find them!


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