Friday, August 28, 2015

Pod Stallions 34: Disappointing Merchandise

This month's topic is some of the  disappointing toy lines that have stemmed from our more beloved properties over the years.

It's totally done out of love (as we both freely admit we bought and still own a lot of this stuff) but we talk about toys for Men in Black, the Phantom, Star Trek 4 and 5, Space:1999, Superman the movie, Doctor Who and much, much more.

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Dantheman said...

I read on a Star Trek message board the reason Ertl got the license to make action figures for Star Trek III was because at the time they were owned by AMT, the company that had the license to made Star Trek model kits, so it was just a matter of wheeling and dealing between AMT/Ertl and Paramount.

Dar said...

In the 80's there was a pretty awesome action figure line called "Crystar" which sadly never succeeded because it never got a cartoon (though it did get a good Marvel comics limited series).

but wait! Did jason actually go an entire episode without lighting up?


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