Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cool Collections: Colbie

I've done a couple of ebay transactions with Colbie in the past, so I knew he some great toy tastes but recently he sent shots of his toy room and will admit to being gob smacked, so much to see, it's like walking into your childhood.

Ahh, Vintage Star Wars, Black Hole even the foreign produced Battle of the Planets? Insane.

I honestly don't think I ever visited a toy department as a child that as much win as this picture. I haven't seen Dragon Riders of Styx figures since they were fist released and I can't ever recal Team America figures on the card.

I don't collect Lord of the Rings but I do know how incredible it is to have this many Knicker Bocker Ringwraiths.

This is what most people's wantlists look like. I wish I could mae my collection look this organized.

A mind blowing spread of 3 3/4" goodness! An entire set of Love Boat? Now that's hardcore.

For more (and there is more) check out Colbie's photostream on Flickr.

Thanks Colbie, I can't describe how much I enjoyed this.

Send in your cool collection


rob! said...


How the hell does he keep all those figures from falling like dominoes??

Lisa said...

That's an awesome collection! Thanks to Colbie for sharing!!!

krakit said...

It's good to know there
are collectors who are
doing such a great job
at keeping such treasures
in fine condition.

Wow! What a collection!

narvolicious said...

Holy crap man, that's freakin' Nirvana. I would just live there.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Awesome, awesome collection man, on some goosebumps shit right there. :O, I really love the boxed Macross figures on the topshelf,
and the La Bataille des Planetes stuff, All of these cartoons were pretty big in France, But nowadays the figures a hard to come by. I recently picked up a carded red Ulysses31 hoverscooter, yay. Really amazing stuff you got there, one of the most inspiring collections Ive seen so far.

greetings from Holland
Mr Spliff E


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