Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spoooooky Games

While Monster Toys often get the shaft in department store catalogs for being too seasonal , the one place where that doesn't seem to happen is the games section which always have a few monster items in for good measure.

Take this 1971 spread for instance, we've got the classic Green Ghost game , something called "Which Witch" and a TV boardgame from the popular daytime horror show Dark Shadows.


Dancin' Homer said...

I remember being fascinated that a friend of the family had a Barnabas Collins game and wanted to play it every time we visited.

My favorite "spooky" game as a kid was Disney Haunted Mansion game. The insanely awesome backdrop and those rotating sections of the game board that made the ghosts move around. An image of the game can be found here:

JFStan said...

I loved the Barnabas game too.. I just liked putting the little skeletons together!

Neal said...

I never had the Barnabas Collins game, but I remember it lingering on toy shelves long after the series had been canceled. I also recall really wanted that "Which Witch" game for awhile after I saw the commercial for it, but I guess my interest waned once the commercial stopped running.

wurwolf said...

Oh, Which Witch. God, I loved that game. I have such good memories of playing that game when I got it on Christmas morning and listening to my sisters' Bread albums.

Anonymous said...

I used to played the Which witch!!!!! It was great!!!!!


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