Saturday, February 09, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre : Action Jackson

Big Jim and the Pack Colouring Book Today's colouring book is a personal favourite of mine, Mego Action Jackson.

For those not in the know, Action Jackson was Mego's attempt to muscle into the boy's market dominated by G.I. Joe with a new character and plenty of TV advertising.

Action Jackson was a sportsman/adventurer/military man who kids just had to think of what they wanted to be and call on him.

AJ sold brightly but not for a long time, Mego went on the superheroes and the rest is history.

My Dad's company bought a lot of Action Jackson overstock back in the mid seventies, so I was bringing AJ's to birthday parties up until the late 70's.

First off, I love the art in this Saalfield publication, it suits the character perfectly.

The story itself is all over the map, Saalfield tried hard to incorporate all of AJ's outfits and accessories into this so AJ parachutes in, then goes surfing, takes a dangerous mission, crashes his plain in the jungle. Above he gets stuck in quicksand but is quickly rescued by the Action Jackson helicopter.

After being rescued, AJ goes on a sporting tear, playing football, hockey, baseball (his favourite sport!) and then Karate. When does he sleep? AJ then hops in another plane, which crashes again and he's rescued by a boat. Which brings me to my favourite page......

Yep, AJ takes a little coffee break and indulges his sweet tooth. Think this page is weird?

What if I told you it was a double page spread! Judging by the extra cups of coffee, I get how AJ gets things done. I guess Saalfield had to stretch a bit. The remainder of the book, AJ has anunderwater adventure, gets stranded in the jungle again, finds mayan treasure, gets trapped and then he straps on his helicopter backpack (something I still want to be able to own for myself) and sails off into the sunset.

Hopefully he goes for a nap.

Got a colouring book you'd like to guest review? Drop me a line!


tjo' said...

In the first picture, it kind of looks like Action is rescuing a haggard looking GI Joe who has forgotten his army training, and gotten into a pickle of a situation!

Lady Jaye said...

He goes barefooted on his one-person copter??? What if he lands on a sharp rock?

Also, love the coffee-and-donut page... lol

At least the art isn't bad for a coloring book. I've seen a lot worse... :P

Fiona said...

I love the exhausted look on his face on the coffee-and-doughnuts page-- it speaks volumes.


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