Friday, February 16, 2007

1979 HG Toys Catalog

It's not a household name but chances are you had some HG Toys gorwing up, their lines were simple but popular items such as puzzles and gun sets all utilizing the hottest tv stars of the day.

From Godzilla to Barbapapa, from Vega$ to Alien, HG Toys had a really interesting mix of cool and kitschy items, check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I had the Superman chalkboard. I recall buying it at Dollar General. You've gotta love the Curt Swan artwork on that. Infantino on Batman, and Nick Cardy on Wonder Woman. Beautiful stuff. And they are huge!

Is HG toys the same as Henry Gordy toys? The guys who made all of those rack toys? The same gun with different stickers?

I recall the HG logo on some Dukes of Hazzard and MOTU play/costume sets in the 80s.


Marty Weil said...

retro catalogs are the me...I'd like to interview you about your catalog collection for my blog.


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