Monday, October 23, 2006

More Remco Monsters

the Remco Monsters with a mego like flavour
In addition to the mini monsters, Remco did these styling 9 inch Mego like Monster figures. In my personal opinion, these are almost some of the coolest Monster figures ever made, almost.

Two things keep them from greatness, the first thing is the glow in the dark plastic really obscures Ken Sheller's amazing sculpts, all of the monsters (Save for the rather generic Dracula) have beautiful likeness to the original actor.

The second thing are the bodies, Remco included a squeezing action feature that allows the figures to "hug" things, it kind of limited play value

Still, it's a really nice line and the monsterizer is one of the best play sets ever made, look at that thing! Remco also made a Phantom and Creature from the Black Lagoon a year later, they are the best figures in the series and of course, near impossible to find........


Anonymous said...

I love this thing! I still have the Frankenstein!! I'd love the Creature!

Riding Ghost said...

I used to have Dracula. I loved that thing. The "hug" feature was the best..Still looking for another one at a decent price. Fangs for the memories!



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