Thursday, April 27, 2006

One of my favourite Catalog Pages Ever! Mego Style!

Swiped from the Megomuseum Department of Christmas Catalogs, this is one I vividly remember, it's the 1980 Sears Canada Catalog. I remember just drooling over Old Bob and Humanoid from the Mego Black Hole line.

I ended up getting the Humanoid and S.T.A.R figures but didn't see an Old Bob until I was twenty or so. Buck Rogers had to wait until I was much older.

As for the Cryotron carrying case, I never have seen one in person but Mike at Womprat has one on his site. It's a neat knock offish item for your Kenner Star Wars figures.


Anonymous said...
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Brian said...

That looks less like a Millennium Falcon, more like some kind of giant dispenser for giant birth control pills.

Anonymous said...

I actually had the Cryotron case as a kid. It didn't close that easily when you had all the figures in there but it did double as a cool "imaginary" ship.


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