Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Punch the Marvel Heroes

Because it's always fun to hit the good guys....


  1. Would I ever feel like a heel for punching the Cap in the face! Peter Parker was a pretty good guy and I'd be afraid to punch the Hulk. Never had one but think I'd preferred a Darth Vader bop-bag- now he deserved a good thrashing.

  2. In the 1970s, + 1980s, the comic book Hulk seemed to have spooky, beady eyes, and a tussled-up, Magnum P.I. haircut.
    Maybe he had a good barber, or something. :D

  3. I wanted one of these, my parents were sure I would punch it into everything in the house, they were probably right. These were awesome, I punched a few at friends houses or at the store. Such good memories.


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