Friday, August 14, 2020

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this week


Universal Studios JAWS Patch- I've been kind of predilected with Universal Studios merch these days and I fell in love with this. I just wish I still had my old jean jacket...

battle of the Planets 45 from France- I think any reader here knows my predilection with Battle of the Planets (and to a lesser extent vinyl) so this should come as no surprise that this is on my radar.

Dyna Girl with Karate Outfit by BARTER- I'm really fond of female-centric action brands. Dyna Girl isn't a fashion doll, she has the same adventure outfits like Dyna Man (another BARTER gem), and well, this kind of stuff was pretty rare in the 1970s. Also, I am very fond of Karate GI sets.

World of Micronauts Game- I really want this, not only because I love the Micronauts but because it reminds me of those killer cardboard playsets MB made in the mid 70s like "Marvel World".

Custom Mattel Battlestar Galactica playset- There is a lot of neat fan made stuff coming out for BSG right now, someone is 3d printing vehicles the figures can sit in and stuff like this cool cardboard playset. I'm not big into Battlestar (more of a Buck Rogers type) but it's nice to see such fan devotion.

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Gamera977 said...

Oh wow, I love that custom Galactica bridge!!!

Only Starbuck and Apollo look strange at the consoles. Wonder if you could customize a couple figures with new heads to look like Athena, Rigel, and Omega???

Hoodoo Ulluv said...

Not familiar with the Battle of the Planets franchise. Is there a reason that looks like a robotic Pooh and Tigger, or am I seeing things?

Dep1701 said...

Those must be custom figures in the Galactica set. I know Mattel never made Tigh, and I don’t think they made Apollo either.

Scott J Baker said...

Most likely. I've never seen a Galactica figure with painted features either.

GSARGENT said...

can you tell me where you saw the 3D printed ships for BSG?


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