Friday, August 28, 2020

5 Awesome Things On Ebay this week


Japanese bootleg Parachuting King Kong Figures Store Display- This literally is the greatest sentence I've ever typed, I should buy this, it hits every button in my beer-soaked brain. I know I should but I'm being difficult.

TV commerical reel for the Kenner Fembot figure- Commercial reels are a real soft spot with me and I would love to own this one for the Kenner Bionic Woman Fembot doll. 

Fleetwood Toys SWAT set- I've never seen this little rack toy gem before, I am a sucker for army men figures and these SWAT guys look really nice.

Original press proof for the Mego Wizard of Oz Playset- I'm not really big on the Mego Wizard of Oz line personally but I do love little pieces of toy history and folks, this is probably the only one you'll ever see.

A store display of Kamen Rider Yo-Yo's- I don't what I would do with this but it's gorgeous, would display well and the seller has recently been robbed and deserves a break.

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