Friday, August 07, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Six Million Dollar Man Wallet- My blind date days went out with grunge but were I still out in the field, showing off this bad boy would likely be a really good litmus test of who is cool.

Tomy Rascal Robots-  Oh my goodness, I loved these as a kid. So much so that I chose one of these over a Star Wars figure or a new Micronaut on a vacation once. The slow hissing of the wind-up motor drove my father batty in the car. 

Shogun Warriors promotional Sticker-  Wow, do I melt over stuff like this. I'm not that deep into Shogun Warriors but the whole 70s Toy Store experience is totally my jam.

Whitman Comics Star Wars 3 Pack- I don't do comics much but this one hits me right in the feels, I had it as a kid and well, I want it as an adult. Were it not that the shipping costs almost the same as the price, it would be mine. Anybody got one of these they're selling?         

Bootleg Superman and Wonder-Man Motorcycle- Oh, I love bananas stuff like this, I've seen the Hulk and Spider-Man version before but this one doesn't pop up as much. Besides red head Wonder Woman (a good look) Superman is boasting one heck of a crazy person expression.

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Seventiesfan said...

My Rascal Robots still work, and I love the hissing sound they make. I also have a chicken and penguin, Pac-man and Mrs. Pac-man, also made by Tomy. Aviva made some nice Snoopy and Woodstock wind-up figures. They all still work.
I'd love that Six Million Dollar Man Wallet. I'll wait until I find one that isn't too pricey.
In recent years, I'e gotten into the old Star Wars comics, and my niece and brother-in-law got a kick out of the green rabbit.
Hasn't that bootleg Superman noticed that it's Giganta impersonating Wonder Woman in that sidecar?


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