Friday, March 27, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Electra Woman Halloween Costume-   I actually own one of these, it's one of the nicest pieces of Merchandise the show got and it got some respectable stuff!

Torak GI Joe Falcon Reproduction- So this isn't original but it is a pretty brilliant recreation of the crazy cool science fiction characters that Brazilian toy company Estrealla made in the late 1970s. They're sort of like 12" Super Joes and they are rare as hell to find vintage, so I totally support this effort and hope they do characters I didn't already shell out the cash for.

Imperial Inflatable King Kong- I'm tempted to buy this and pretend I have a friend over, I could also blame him for drinking all my bourbon (again!)

Nomura diecast Argo from Starblazers- I used to own one of these but sadly to pay off ironically more Star Blazers toys from Nomura. I miss it, it's really cool.

Space:1999 Colorforms set- As I mentioned in the latest Pod Stallions episode this is a really beloved childhood Space:1999 toy that I was gifted in the early 1980s. I really need to track one down in the Canadian box, where I assume they spell "Colour" the correct way...

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1 comment:

Seventiesfan said...

I have the Space: 1999 Colorforms set. That's a nice Inflatable King Kong. Right now the only King Kong item I have is the small rubber figure by Imperial.


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