Thursday, March 12, 2020

5 Awesome thing on Ebay this week

Aquaman Sea Sled-  The world's most logical Aquaman licensed toy ever. This is glorious and I want it.

Amsco Space:1999 Playset- Oh my God, it's sealed and wonderful. The big trouble is I'd want to unseal it and play with it. AGHHHH!

Captain American TeamAmerica Cycle- I used to dig the Marvel Team America comix (I know!) and this teaming up of the brands is most welcome.

Battle of the Planets Princess Mask- This is terrifying and weirdly appealing.

Doc Savage Statue autographed by Ron Ely- I had one of these amazing pieces in high school but sold it in college. It is one of the two pieces of merchandise this underrated and much-loved movie (by me!) got and I want it back. I wish my name was John.


Dazzle said...

I love the Doc Savage movie, too!
"Raise a cheer, The Man of Bronze is here!" said...

I think the signature reads, “To Larry.” 🤣 said...

Or it could be “Jerry”. Or “Torry”. I don’t think I can pull off “David”


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