Friday, February 21, 2020

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Life sized Planet of the Apes Soldier Ape- I'd buy this but then I'd have to get myself a full sized Sleestak, Electra Woman and Dynagirl and a Tom Baker era Cyberman to go with it, I'm sure somewhere in the middle of this my wife would leave me. It's a slippery slope people.

Kenner Six Million Dollar Man Store Display-  Just like the Bionic Woman one from a couple of weeks back, I am obsessed with this stuff, especially stuff i liked as a kid.

Hammer Curse of Frankenstein 2 pack- This was a MegoMeet exclusive and at one point it used to belong to me. We're never going to get a Hammer Toyline and these brilliant Distinctive Dummies customs are the next best thing.

Fighting Furies Western Characters- In the US, the Matchbox Fighting Furies were these awesome Pirate themed characters but in Europe they got a second wave that were western themed. You don't see them very often and they're all kinds of awesome!

Planet of the Apes Archery Set- When I think of Planet of the Apes, I think of arrows. That's cause I drank a lot in college but this set is really cool.

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YesterdayIsNow said...

Are you sure those Fighting Furies aren't Village People-themed?


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