Thursday, January 09, 2020

Five Awesome Things on eBay this Week

Return of Swamp Thing Print signed by Jim Wynorski- I have a real soft spot for this movie and for director Jim Wynorski. So when I found out Jim was selling these autographed prints, I wanted to promote them. These limited edition items are also signed by composer Chuck Cirino. I insist you buy this.

Inflatable Jaws toy by Imperial- I seriously love Jaws and i hope all the stories about remaking it aren't true. I don't know why I don't have more JAWS merch but for some reason, I've never gone there. This wonderful piece has the Jaws logo on its fins as it totally should?

STAR TEAM Set- This week's Toy Ventures episode was about the Knight of Darkness, so I thought this collection was interesting. All you need is a Zeorid and Star Hawk and you can make George Lucas "pee his pants" furious by acting out their adventures.

REMCO SUPERMAN UTILITY BELT- Next to the Hulk, Superman is the one character who probably doesn't need a belt full of gadgets.I mean, look at this stuff, can you imagine Superman using handcuffs and a communicator?

Yet, I want to own this someday, damn you REMCO!

Display box of Laurel and Hardy Erasers- Rejoice Gen-Xers, we are the last generation to be marketed Laurel and Hardy merchandise and we are better for it. I have no recollection of these but yet they feel vaguely familiar and oh sooooo friendly.......


Dantheman said...

Love how the glasses in the Superman utility belt set are S-shield shaped.

Alphacentaurian said...

I love the Laurel & Hardy artwork. As a casual fan of the pair, I approve :)

Also, why does Superman need sunglasses? I mean... I can't even...

Seventiesfan said...

The Star Team toys apparently ticked George Lucas off, but the joke was on him. Ideal owned the name Star Team years before Star Wars existed. I have the action figures, and they are some of the nicest knockoffs.
That box full of Laurel and Hardy figurines takes me back to the days of Woolworth and Kress.


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