Friday, January 31, 2020

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Starblazers gumball machine card from Japan- As any loyal reader of this blog might know, I have a gigantic love for Star Blazers. Also, I had zero merchandise as a kid. Had I seen this display of Japanese Keshi as a child, I'd have mugged old ladies (namely my grandmother) for quarters until I had every single character and ship on this card, AHGHHHH!

Logan's Run Iron On Transfer- I've had some bad luck with vintage Iron-Ons lately but I'm sorely tempted by this original one from the 1970s.

Fantasy Island Poster Art Set- I love all things Fantasy Island and feel like I should point this out, even though I feel the seller might be a little optimistic about that price? I know there is a modest budget horror movie coming out but hey fella, calm down. Still, this is a beautiful set by Craft Master.

Vintage Star Wars Promo poster from Cascade- I've never seen these before and I miss the era when we'd bug our moms to buy a certain brand of dishwashing detergent because...Star Wars! I think I just miss caring about stuff like this in general.

Big Jim store display from Germany- I'm not certain about the price of this but I love Big Jim and Store displays so I felt like sharing it with the world. If you are into Big Jim and have Richie Rich's allowance, here you go!


Jón Páll said...

You should do a book on store displays.
It is a mostly undocumented form of art and design.

Alan said...

I had that Star Wars poster, and if I remember correctly there were more in the series. A friend’s dad down the street worked for the company and hooked us up. They also had posters for Superman: The Movie.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Is there some tactical advantage to putting camouflage on a hot air balloon? And if there is, why would you write "Big Jim" in the center in huge red letters?

Unknown said...

Those Yamato trinkets... To die for.

Count Robot said...

Starblazers rules!


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