Friday, November 08, 2019

5 Awesome Toys on eBay this week

Fleetwood Manimal Toy- Rack Toys provide an important function, providing merchandise for television shows that get cancelled mid season. Case in Point "Manimal" a series that only got 13 shows but somehow Fleetwood managed to create a bunch of figurines under the banner (these were not based on the show) You can see the full range here.

Wind Up IQ9 from Star Blazers- I think I would have wept as a child if I had found this wind up character from Star Blazers. Between this and Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers action figures were my biggest "I wish someone made those" requests as a kid.

If you're not familiar with the brilliant Star Blazers toys from Japan, check out my video about them.

: Japan renamed Stretch "Mr. X" and painted his hair dark brown, he was also a wrestler in this world as you could buy Sumo Robes for him as well.  If you think that's cool, check out what they did to Stretch Monster.

Johnny West Store Display- I never had any Johnny West figures as a kid but i do remember seeing a display like this and being somewhat impressed. I adore stuff like this and glad it survived.

Battle of the Planets Figures from France- I'm not sure what happened to Jason, although if you're a follower of the original Gatchaman this is what the team looks like after season one (SPOILERS!). You rarely see these guys complete like this.


Mr. Lawless said...

If the Manimal TV show had looked like that, it would have lasted longer!

Dobidy said...

I bought a bunch of those Battle of the Planets figures in Hamilton from a textile store. They also had Battle of the Planets and Goldorak spanish colouring books.

Plaidstallions said...

I remember finding those Goldoarak books in Goodwill, stacks of them but never figures! Wow!

YesterdayIsNow said...

Why did Goldorak get such a big push in the French-speaking world but not elsewhere?

Armpit Studios said...

That Best of the West display is pretty amazing. I guess Johnny West finally got tired of just lassoing Sam Cobra from his horse, but looks like he did it from a moving train and it slice ol' Sam right in two.

I still have my Johnny, Sam, Geronimo and a tan horse.

"T.V. Barnum" said...

"Manimal" actually only had 8 episodes (90 minute pilot and 7 episodes) not 13...making it one of the shortest scifi shows of the time-period.


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