Friday, November 15, 2019

5 Awesome things on eBay this week

Seven different Presto Magix Empire Strikes Back Sets- Ohhhhhhh the nostalgia cuts deeps in these, I'm instantly in the sixth grade getting these taken away! You can't break my spirit Mrs. Luxmore!

Popy Jumbo Machinder Kamen Rider V-3: I won't lie when i close my eyes at night, I see this in-between Bettie Page and sandwiches of course... 

Addar Evel Knievel Model Kit- I'm pretty sure these are the kits that Evel sneaks into an orphanage in a cringe inducing scene in the movie "Viva Knievel". It's the one where the crippled orphan drops his crutches and walks to Evel, yeah, that scene...

1970s Superhero Magnets- This is what the fridge in my kitchen looks like, I love these like siblings. 

1976 Movie Theater catalog- Everything from popcorn makers to shag carpeting choices, it's the whole Magilla for theatre owners back in the polyester years. I seriously want this for PlaidStallions but can't afford it, so i offer it to the universe.


Olga Rose said...

Oh gosh! Those Empire Strikes Back Presto Magix are tempting me like you wouldn't believe! I had the asteroid field one back in the day, and loved it.

Nico Toscani said...

Those magnets! I had a ton of them and loved them dearly.


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