Friday, October 25, 2019

Five Awesome Halloween Costumes on eBay this week

Seeing as it's Halloween, I thought I'd change things up and do an "all vintage Halloween Costume" edition. The really good ones seem to pop up this time of year and I've managed to find five I wish I could purchase right now. Let's dig in!

Shogun Warriors Mazinga Costume- I remember a kid in my class had this and I was super jealous. I don't even remember what i was wearing but it wasn't a Shogun Warrior.

Close Encounters Alien Costume- I think a lot of people thought Close Encounters would be the next Star Wars in terms of merchandise, it's a good movie but it just didn't have much appeal to me as a kid. 

Atari Asteroids Halloween Costume by Collegeville- This is a favourite here at PlaidStallions because it's just such an oddity. Are you the pilot of that little space ship, nope you're the Asteroid or an old sponge, whatever turns you on baby.

Outer Limits Alien by Ben Cooper- This is before time but I'm very fond of this classic TV show (even it's remake was good) but I can't seem to place what episode this guy is from, I guess it's possible he's an original creation.

1977 King Kong Costume by Ben Cooper- I'm not terribly fond of the movie but I seriously love the merchandise based off it. Case in point this beautiful box and set, so gorgeous!


Nico Toscani said...

I remember desperately wanting the Mazinga costume as well. I think I got Darth Vader instead.

Seventiesfan said...

It took over 40 years to find another 24" Mazinga figure, and now I feel the need to own a Mazinga Halloween costume. It happens every time I visit this site.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the “Outer Limits” character might be Andro from “The Man Who Was Never Born” (it happens to be my all-time favorite episode of that series) . I never knew there were vintage Outer Limits mask / costumes!

Don C said...

It could also be one of them mutant guys that kidnapped the town. Kinda looks like the kid.

Don C.


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