Thursday, October 17, 2019

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Fantasy Island Tattoo Halloween Costume- I bought one of these a couple of years ago and I gotta tell you, I don't know what i did without it. Now, you can be just like me.

Frankenstein Conquers the World Super 8 Movie- This was one of those gems that channel 2 in Buffalo would play just before Halloween, it is a childhood favourite and something I just love. I want to own this but i'm swimming in toy-related credit card debt at the minute so i pass it on to you good people.

Gong Show Chuck Barris Halloween Costume- Now, I vividly remember racing home from grade 1 to catch the "Gong Show" every day but I would never have considered going as it's host for Halloween. I would have much preferred the "Chuck Barris CIA Assasin" costume that was sadly never produced.

Love at First Bite Iron Transfer- I've become obsessed with vintage Iron-On Transfers, it was bound to happen and honestly I wish i had gotten into this earlier as the obscure merchandise is amazing. I totally expect to find a "Holmes and Yo-Yo" or "Szysznyk" one. Praying for a "Man Called Sloane" as well.

King Kong Flocked Soap Bottle- Oh my goodness this just hits all the best nostalgia buttons for me. My mum used to buy me all the Avon dinosaur bubble baths as a kid and well, our entire house was flocked as she was a fan of wallpaper. I love this.


top_cat_james said...

The Barris mask looks like it was repurposed from unsold Pinky Lee costume sets. Also hope there was a companion Jaye P. Morgan costume that came with a slit in the chest area for optional breast-flashing.

Nico Toscani said...

The cover art on the Frankenstein Conquers The World film has taken some serious liberties with the look of Frankie and Baragon. Really odd and cool.

Gamera977 said...

Good thing I'm not a kid anymore. Not sure if I'd want to go trick or treating as Herve Villechaize or Chuck Barris more!

Seventiesfan said...

"The plane, the plane!" I had to say it. If that costume isn't strange enough, Chuck Barris! Too bad there was no Gene Gene the Dancing Machine costume. Or was there one?

Anonymous said...

When Herve stubbed his toe he shouted: "the pain, the pain!"


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