Friday, October 11, 2019

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Stefanie Powers Iron On- Hey, as Max would say on the starting to "Hart to Hart" SHE'S GAWGEOUS!and I agree. Slap this on a $7 T-Shirt and you'll be the talk of the town.

Bionic Halloween Costumes- Hey, if you're a couple, dig the Bionic man/Bionic Woman and are very tiny, then I have the Halloween costumes for you!

Big Box of Flexy Halloween Creeps- As a fanboy of Rack Toys and of course, Halloween, this is the kind of stuff that just brings me endless joy. Now you can own a whole display box of the stuff that would make you impulsively part with your money at six years old. No buyers remorse here, only goodness.

Happy Days Drapes- Who wants to wake up every morning with Henry Winkler peering at them hungrily? You do, you do.....

Durham Kung Fu Figure- This has nothing to do with the TV series, it's more just a take on the fad sweeping the nation at the time (for me it never ended) and I've weirdly never owned one of these. They're pretty cheap and it's hard to find one where the hands haven't melted off, also he has no pants, it's like a naked man in a short house robe which is just...all kinds of wonderful where i sit.


Nico Toscani said...

The no pants thing is really weird man.

Burt Lancaster said...
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Seventiesfan said...

I'm happy to own both of those Bionic Halloween costumes again, thanks to Ebay. I also have the Durham Kung Fu guy, and yes, he sticks to the box. But his karate chop buttons work fine. The The box of bendable Halloween Creeps brings back lots of memories of going to Kres and Woolworth, and seeing them by the register. Never left the store without one.

Rutger Hauer (as Roy Batty) said...
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Harrison Ford (as Rik Deckard) said...

"She must`ve been a replicant, no real life bird could ever be that perfect"

Seventiesfan said...
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Anonymous said...

This Anon isn't sure what's more attractive, the sultry profile photo of Stefanie Powers or that incredible title border. It's like classic "cabinet art" for an arcade game.

Of course, anyone buying this absolutely NEEDS one with Robert Wagner as well.

Iron-Ons make me happy for all sorts of irrational reasons. They were the last final expression of the hippie era's do-it-yourself arts and craft movement and, unsurprisingly, the most purely commercial.

Most of all, I'd like to shake the hand of the (probably now long-forgotten) commercial artist who did the box art for the Durham Kung-Fu figure.

While the figure itself might be a vaguely Asian-looking male, the artist took a bold step and surrounded it with entirely Caucasian young people. If it weren't for their gleefully vindictive expressions, they look like classic illustrations from back issues of Boys Life. It's a brilliant piece of psychology, playing on juvenile wish-fulfillment. Buy this doll and somehow you will become like these guys.

...and their faces! The artist truly understood what attracts people to the martial arts. When you get past all the Oriental philosophy and the sanitized justifications about "fitness, health, and building confidence" man oh, man... one picture is worth a thousand words and this guy drew it.


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