Friday, September 27, 2019

5 Awesome Things on eBay

Super Fly Iron On Transfer- Good God, it's just endless how many cool and forgotten vintage Iron On transfers there are. Case in point, Super Fly. I wonder if there's one for Gordon's War?

Big Jim Lazervette in a Canadian Box! - It's well known I'm obsessed with the Big Jim Wolf P.A.C.K and with all things Canada but this box is actually nicer than the US version. I swear!

Doctor Who Viewmasters- Oh man, Jason and I both absolutely love this set. Let's make a viewmaster of Castro-fricking-Volva, which has almost no action whatsoever. Nothing but photos of the Fifth Doctor and his companions standing around. Bravo.

Deka Plastics Star Wars Cups and Bowls- I've fallen down a Deka plastic hole this week after buying their planet of the Apes set and discovering that they made two Star Treks and these, I'm screwed.

Omega Man Japanese Poster- Why is every cool movie poster somehow cooler in Japan? Why do movie posters under $100 haunt me? Agh I need more walls.


DBenson said...

If memory serves, the Star Trek Viewmaster set featured the episode about the Yanks and the Comms, likewise visually blah.

Wondering if the Viewmaster people specified that they wanted to immortalize episodes without significant special effects or stunts, so they could pose and shoot the 3D quickly and easily between takes.

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah the Star Trek one is an odd choice considering. At least Space:1999 is "War Games" which is an exciting episode.

David Morefield said...

The Star Trek set used "The Omega Glory" because it was written by Gene Roddenberry, who never missed a chance to line his pockets with extra cash, as witness his sneaky addition of (dire) lyrics to the opening theme so Alexander Courage would have to share royalties, and his insistence that Spock wear an "IDIC medallion" in Season 3 so he could market it through Lincoln Enterprises. "Omega Glory" was pushed back in the schedule many times because it was so weak, but ultimately Gene had his way and got it filmed. And of course when GAF came knocking, guess which episode he offered up?

Plaidstallions said...

That makes sense, I always liken Roddenberry to Mr.Crab.


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