Friday, August 16, 2019

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Dr. Zaius hand Puppet- The only way this could be made more adorable is if it had a voice box featuring Maurice Evans on helium.

Incredible Hulk Sno-Stuff- Hulk merchandise is usually absurd and therefor my favourite, it is also compounded by the fact that he was pretty much "Garfield" in the late 1970s and got his face slapped on freaking everything.

Starblazers Kite- I totally would have bought this as a kid, I would have bought Star Blazers anything when I was nine. 

Marvel Comics Sparkle Paints- I'm fascinated by early Marvel Comics merch (not enough to buy them mind you) and this Kenner set is a fond memory of the days when Submariner (pronounced Sub-mah-reener) was an A-Lister.

Imperial 6ft Inflatable Godzilla- I never ran into one of these in high school, I'd like to think I would have purchased it immediately and on principle. I don't like that I'm taller than Godzilla however...

Bonus Item that's not on eBay.

I had to own this sweater now advertised on Amazon, three guesses why...


Anonymous said...


"He's SUPER STRONG! ...And super NAKED!" :D

Anonymous said...

Sandman Sweater is rad.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Kenner's Sparkle Paints? Is that what they did before action figures? And when did they have the Marvel license?

Kevin said...

Logan's Run sweater!

Anonymous said...

Sparkle Paint? Nossuh! This set was made for UV/ Blacklight paint!

Most of 'em seem to be already "done" and, like certain vintage colouring books, not done all that well, either.

I know there -were- official Marvel blacklight posters, but these would be mighty cool done that way, just the same!


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