Friday, July 12, 2019

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this week

Custom Marvel Legends Manta and Moray figures- Oh my God, I love Filmation's Tarzan and the Super 7 and this guy did a brilliant job making them.

Tootsie Toys Flash Gordon Spaceship- This brings me back to the days when Flash Gordon toys peppered toy aisles. I am pretty sure that I first saw Flash Gordon was in some drugstore.

Battle of the Planets Pepsi Glass- These sadly never got made save for a handful of prototypes, this sucks becaus a) I love Battle of the Planets and b) I love Pepsi glasses, just not this much. It's so shiny though...

Vintage Star Trek the Motion Picture T Shirt- Shatner in all his "house of masters glory", my chest is not worthy!

Cornelius Water Pistol by AHI- Yeah, these are an obsession of mine. I have both of these but i really just think they are amazing.


YesterdayIsNow said...

Wow, that Ming star ship looks brand new. Wonder where it's been sitting all these years. I always hated when manufacturers would put cheesy stickers of the characters or title on the toy. As if Ming would be pasting his mug shot all over his ship.

Would have loved to have that BOTP glass back in the day.

I think I had one of those Star Trek shirts with Spock. I definitely had the socks.

Anonymous said...

BOTP Pepsi glasses... somebody needs to (finally) "re" issue these. These would be a HUGE seller to whatever nerd-demographic this Anon is proudly part of.

Any potential company licensing execs who are reading this... Re-Action built their action-figure empire on finally releasing the unproduced "ALIEN" 3.5 inch figures.

This could be you and this is your entry property.

I'm still breathless with the possibility. I'd want to see the ful team, plus (of course) Center Neptune, 7 Zark 7, Zoltar, the Luminous One -the latter probably in the form of a comi-con exclusive.


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