Friday, June 28, 2019

Five Awesome Things on eBay this week

British Boxed Stretch Monster- I have this weird obsession with Stretch Monster yet I've never bought one and I like British toy packages, this is a double whammy for me. I'm seriously considering it?

Automan Action Figure-  The show got a half season and disappeared so of course, it got a slew of merchandise in England? Where are my action figures from "A Man Called Sloane" England? ARE YOU LISTENING?

Star Maidens doll- I've spoken about Star Maidens before, it's this weird UK/German space show that shares a lot of lineage with Space:1999. It lasted a single season and got way more merchandise than it should, including these discount store dolls. I'm obsessed with these, the seller has two.

GI Joe Atomic Man in Catalog box- This is the one I don't have and it's so cool how Hasbro went the extra mile with their catalog boxes. Most companies just slapped a sticker on a plain brown xo but these three colour items are like art to me. Arrrghhh! I can't afford this! 

Fleetwood Toys Tarzan in the Valley of Dinosaurs- I can't begin to explain how much I love this rack toy. It's like the people of Fleetwood were fans of Burroughs. I want to send this set back to my six-year-old self.


Eric Hecht said...

I love this feature, Brian. Thank you. Plus another great podcast today! Keep 'em coming!

Seventiesfan said...

That;s a nice, but expensive Automan figure. The show's star Chuck Wagner appeared as a contestant on Password Plus about 3 years before Automan.

I've never heard of Star Maidens, but I'm curious.

I also cannot afford the catalog box Atomic Man, but I do have both the US and UK versions of the figure. I also have a few items from the Secret Mountain Outpost play set. They display nicely with the Sears computer and desk (that I discovered thanks to you, Brian).

The Fleetwood Tarzan toy is nice too.
The Mattel Tarzan (with the gorilla) is my favorite Tarzan action figure (I also have two Mego and two Dakin Tarzans).


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