Thursday, May 30, 2019

Five Awesome Things on eBay this week

Venus Space Probe from the Six Million Dollar Man- I search for this giant toy every week on eBay, not because I'll ever own it but because I'm haunted by the "Death Probe" episodes. This auction is a prime example, it's super pricey and I'll do nothing but watch it pass by but my inner 7 year old is kicking me. 

Lone Ranger and Tonto Water pistols- These are by Durham, who made some pretty quirky looking toys and I have a great deal of love for these. They were doing super deformed "Pop vinyl" type items before that was a thing.

Casual outfits for the Rookies dolls- This is just right up my alley, these are liesure suits and outfits for the 8" Mego-like action figures from the TV series "The Rookies". They're catalog exclusives and it's just my special brand of weirdness. I want to buy this and dress the Brick Mantooth doll in every single outfit.

Blood on his Lips Super 8 movie- I love Super 8 movies, heck i bought one this week and i'm pretty sure this is a retitled copy of "the Hideous Sun Demon" and I have a thing for Drive-In Schtick. If this is already gone it's because I bought it, yeah I'm like that.

Captain America Shooting Gallery- God I love this rack toy, it's the combination of a gun for Captain American (this is 70s Cap, not movie Cap) but the fact that it just had to be a Luger. I'm not even going to mention the whole thing going on with the card artwork.


Rick Dunn said...

The woman with Captain America is Nightshade from her first appearance in Cap #164. She's a black woman they recolored to make her white for the toy packaging!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I noticed that to, that’s fucked up. A white woman with a fro, somebody wasn’t paying attention at the printers.

Jón Páll said...

Card art (or cover art) by John Romita, in case anybody didn't know.

Mr. Lawless said...

As seen on TV Cap? Does this mean it's Reb Brown merchandise?

YesterdayIsNow said...

Cool dart gun set. Hope you feature more of these. I have vague memories of licensed sets for SWAT and The Phantom.

Anonymous said...

I love that the ebay listing also had no idea what was going on with the wrongly coloured Nightshade on the Captain America card art and simply titled it "W/ villain"

'cause you know, why have the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, or hell, even Batroc the Leaper on the card? It's like the art department ran out to the newsstand, grabbed whatever issue of Cap was available and went with that (sexy bad girl will maybe help sales?).

top_cat_james said...

"Hey, Mom, will you buy me these water pistols of... Merv Griffin and Michael Douglas?"

top_cat_james said...

Who knew Leona Helmsley had such a smokin' bod?

Anonymous said...

TR says-

I probably told you this tale, about "the Venus Space Probe":

Back when I was around 16, my parents + I went through a swimming pool supply store. [at least I think it was a pool store].

One shelf at that store had a few toys that I think the store's staff was just trying to get red of...and get a small profit on.
Goodness knows why they sold non-pool toys at this store.
But.....One of the toys there was "The Venus Space Probe", from the Bionic Man's TV show.
The 'Probe' was still in its box.
Arrg! I could KICK myself, for not buying that toy, since it's so HOT now! :D

Anonymous said...

For readers who might care about such things, the "misshapen" child-sized Luger... isn't.

Aside from removing the trigger guard and further shortening the barrel, the rest of the sculpt closely follows the proportions of the Erma-Werke Model KGP 68A Baby Luger in .380 ACP.

Paradoxically, Erma also made a larger version of the same general design in a much smaller caliber, .22 LR.

While they might -look- like the original 9mm pistol, neither of them any significant internal resemblance to the elegant P.08 mechanism designed by Georg Luger.

Witness some gorgeous Teutonic engineering art of a mechanical nightmare.

Every spring is under extremely high tension to control the recoil of a medium semi-auto pistol caliber in such a tiny "toy gun" package. Worse, all those weird little pieces have to stay just "so" during reassembly. Even then it's no easy trick.

Fate being what it was, the .380 model was my father's favorite target pistol and shooting it didn't involve -cleaning- it or breaking it down after one of its regular jam-sessions from powder fouling. Oh no, that was MY job.

About the only good thing that can be said for them is they're beautifully machined, gorgeously blued, and quite collectible in their own right now among Luger completists. As a functioning firearm? Horrid. Utterly horrid.


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