Friday, May 03, 2019

Five Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

Mighty Mightor Costume from France- The French really dug Mightor, I'm more of a Birdman guy myself but I think this costume, which makes the wearer go shirtless is the total bomb!

Shadow Crime Fighter Super Copter- I can never get enough of these odd toys from the late 1970s, this one is rather affordable as well.

Count Dracula Board Game by Tomland Toys- This is a little later a toy than I normally feature but anything with the words "Tomland" and "Dracula" gets my attention as I'm obsessed with a series of Monster action figures they made in the early 1980s.

Janex American Man- This is just one weird toy concept, part GI Joe, Part Paper Doll. I can't imagine many kids were happy to have this guy over an action figure but 40 years later it's an amazing curio.

Captain America Super Baby by Amsco- As a kid, these toys bothered me because they weren't accurate depictions of the characters, Shazam was blonde! I think that says a lot about how uptight I was as a five year old! As an adult, I find this low buy it now tempting, it's hard to keep the collector beast in check.


Gamera977 said...

Again great finds!

The Dracula game had me puzzled at first. Why is there a blue manatee at the top I asked myself? I looked at the Ebay post and it seems it's supposed to be a raven, a blue raven at that. Uh-huh, they should have at least put an armadillo in there to respect the one in the Universal version...

Love the 'American Man'. For an athlete, sportsman, and trooper he's about as skinny as me...

Milé Murtanovski said...

I'm getting a big Rocky Horror Tim Curry vibe from Mightor...and I might be enjoying it.


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