Friday, April 12, 2019

5 Awesome things on ebay this week

Star Trek The Motion Picture Socks- When I started collecting in the mid-1980s, there was an abundance of unsold Star Trek the Motion Picture merchandise and it always reminds me of that magical time. Anything with Persis Khambata on it would be the most unsold.

Commando Cody/King of the Rocketman helmet-  This is the "Stunt Version" of the classic helmet, according to the auction. The stuntman broke his nose using the original helmet and had to make one out of different materials so as not to do it again. I was raised on classic serials thanks to Ely Yost and "Magic Shadows" so this thing makes my blood pressure rise.

Hulk and Spider-Man Toilet Paper- A parable about licensing gone too far or a bold statement about the quality of comic books as an art form? The choice my friends, is up to you....

Korg 7,000 BC Costume- I can't believe the amount of merchandise this show got, i know it was a Saturday morning show but once I discovered the lack of dinosaurs i was out.

A collection of Star Trek Happy Meals- Say what you will about the movie, I furking lurved the merchandise and these Happy meals give me nothing but good vibes.


Alan said...

I’m a vegetarian now, but still love those ST: TMP Happy Meal boxes and prizes. Like you said, happy memories.

Phillyradiogeek said...

The best thing about that Ben Cooper costume is the awesome box artwork!

I believe those Star Trek meals were the first ever Happy Meals. Happy Meals became a regular thing due to the success of the Star Trek meal, if I'm not mistaken.

I have memories of getting both the Star Trek meal and the first Happy Meal. I never forget food :)

Rick Dunn said...

The Rocketman helmet has already sold! $8 grand!

Seventiesfan said...

I remember the Star Trek Happy Meal (McDonald's very first movie license), and thanks to Ebay, I have all the boxes again. I even have some of the Happy Meal toys, and the often discarded tray liner. Someone actually saved it.
I never knew about the Ilia socks, but I have seen the Underoos knockoff (Fundy Undy!).

Maximillian soap! A Black Hole item I don't have- and want. The closest I have is a Superman bubble bath by Avon.

The Six Million Dollar Man Fan Club- I never had that, but I do have nearly all of those General Mills stickers.

I won't comment on the Marvel toilet paper.

Have a Marvel-ous flush!

Armpit Studios said...

How could anything with Persis Khambata be the most unsold?! That's nuts. I'd proudly wear socks with her gorgeous face on them, even now, every day to work.


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