Friday, January 11, 2019

5 Awesome things on Ebay this week

Lucan the board game: Lucan was a short lived TV show about a boy raised by wolves being on the run, it was like "The Incredible Hulk" but instead of turning green, he had wolf powers of some kind. I had an older sister who watched ANY TV show with a horse or a dog, so yup I saw every Lucan growing up.  I had no idea that it had merchandise of any kind!

Shark Hunting Boat by Lincoln International- A lot of Rack Toy companies tried to cash in on JAWS with rubber Sharks. Lincoln International went above and beyond by making a replica of Quint's boat (but not actually calling it that of course!) 

Captain America and Spider-Man Speedboat by Gulliver-  OK so there is a bit of a boat theme going on, I love Guillver toys from Brazil, just such a neat window into another world. This boat suggest that Cap and Spider-Man hang out on the weekends and probably go to Long Island Sound.

Mexican Stretch Monster figure- I love bootlegs and this one is glorious and under $20.

Remco Star Trek CSF set in British box- The art on British packaging always seems superior for some reason, this is no exception.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of being picky, Lincoln's "Shark Hunting" boat isn't even close to the original "Orca". It doesn't look like the same -kind- of boat. Not that this Anon is a "boat person" but even I can tell the difference between a Nova Scotia lobster-fishing boat and a recreational "cruiser".

In all fairness, this Anon does remember what life was like Before The Internet. Many retailers capitalized on the fact people would see a movie, become overwhelmed by "the experience", want some tie-ins, without having accurate reference materials. People didn't have access to the the massive visual/ technical database they do now. There weren't virtual communities dedicated exclusively to a given franchise. Sometimes the most a film would get is a novelization with "Eight Pages Of Exciting Photos From The Hit Film" It was every merchant's dream: an enthusiastic but essentially uneducated customer-base.

Ironically, the Superhero speed boat looks like it was made for Bathtub Jaws.

Cappy? Start that chum line again, will ya?
Let Spidey take a turn.
Spidey drives the boat, Cap.
Mr. Parker! Full throttle, now. Full throttle!

Gamera977 said...

Hmmm, what's Cap and Spidey going to do when the Hulk wants to tag along?



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