Friday, December 14, 2018

Five Awesome things on Ebay this week

Planet of the Apes Periscope- What's the connection between Apes and a periscope? Because I said so, you ask too many questions! This interview is over!

Japanese Diecast Darth Vader- I'm not a huge Star Wars guy but Japanese Star Wars stuff is super neat to look at and always will be.

Star Blazers Playset- Probably one of my happiest childhood memories is watching Star Blazers every day at three at my best friends house, this amazing playset for the 3 3/4" figure line should have been sold in North America but never was. 

Black Hole PVC figures from Portugal-  I love "The Black Hole" movie like any nine year old should and I am in love with these PVC figures from Portugal. I miss the days of weird foreign market toys. 

Complete Mattel Pulsar Collection-  Pulsar is definitely one of the more interesting action figure concepts of the 1970s and now you can get him, his enemy Hypnos and his Life Systems Center in one fell swoop! If this weren't the holidays, I'd totally be bidding on this for no good reason.


Ranalcus said...

Yamato 2199 stuff is awlays cool, and Japanese comapnies still makes stuff from it, even the "cheap" Bandai plastic model kits are made with superb quality and detail.

Plaidstallions said...

Yeah i have to watch myself these days but i'm always tempted by Starblazers/Yamato toys when i see them at shows.

Unknown said...

OH, I'd kill for that StarBlazers set! That is also my enduring childhood favorite.

Anonymous said...

StarBlazers was (and still is) flat-out incredible. As a child, this Anon was always deeply and privately unhappy there were ZERO (and not Cosmo Zero, either) merchandise in the stores. No action figures, no ships, no playsets, NOTHING.

Nowadays, it's a case of a.) I already have expensive hobbies b.) being too old to truly enjoy playing with them, though I'd -still- love a set of, say, a higher quality version of the Galoob Micro Machines. A complete set like they did for Star Wars and Trek.

Even today, the original 70s show aged very well. 2199 was breathtaking.

YesterdayIsNow said...

Add me to the list of those who would kill for that Yamato bridge playset. But, uh, not for 630 euros.(!)

All I have is a six-inch long model of the Yamato. One of these days I'll get one of those fancy ones with the ight and sound effects.

Seems that playsets for Japanese toylines are very rare. Maybe because they don't normally have extensive figure lines.


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